Lisa’s “This I Believe” Podcast

Lisa’s “This I Believe” podcast


Everyone has laughed at one point or another. Laughter is something that comes naturally and is hard to fake. Laughter can make the worst moment seem significantly less severe. It can make you give up all anger and resentment for a moment and release all happy emotion. Everyone has a different laugh but the feeling is always the same. Glee I would say. It is simply an immense feeling of happiness. Laughter is a beautiful thing and without laughter my world would be a dark place.

My humor at times can come across as unsympathetic or unkind but it is all sincerely in jest. My childhood shadows many of the thoughts I have today and not always in a positive way. Years of being ridiculed and scolded has hardened my humor to a cold state of reasoning. I was raised on a dotted line of military bases that trail through Virginia, North Carolina and Michigan. In that atmosphere, humor was not always encouraged and in some cases it was punished. Despite my environment, humor was the seed of my entire personality which eventually developed into the free spirited, fun-loving person that I am every day. I have always had a good sense of humor despite the circumstances. Often times when I was younger I would laugh because it was the only thing to keep me from crying.

I love to tell jokes because it helps me meet people and feel more comfortable. Even if I don’t know someone personally, I know that everyone likes to laugh. I laugh every chance I get. I laugh because it helps me deal with life’s everyday problems. I laugh because of it reminds me of the good times. I laugh because of the good times soon to come. I laugh because there is nothing more powerful and contagious than laughter.

About Me.

My name is Lisa and i am a senior at Charlotte High School. I am attending EMU in the fall to study art. I traveled a lot as a child but for the last six years I have found myself comfortable in my first civilian house. This is the first podcast I have ever done and I think that it was pretty good for my first try.


“This i believe” response

“I’m taking my voice back”

I selected this speech because I read the caption and it said that he was a musician and a crack addict. From what it sounded like he has faced some major demons and has still managed to achieve the title of professional musician. That sounds like a very terrifying experience and because I could not relate I was interested in his story. I think the speech was very informative because he was not just saying some of the things that he has experienced, he actually explained some of the feelings that he has felt.

The parts of the speech that I felt stood out were the explanations. He referenced to things that most are unfamiliar with and to be able to explain them made the speech very interesting and easy to listen to. The story interested my because though his personal life is less than exemplary, he is still proud and accomplished.

The introduction was not very interesting because the person that was announcing him only said the basic idea of his speech. The person introducing just said that this man was a musician and a junkie. Having an introduction that introduced the speech more than it introduced the person did not get me ready for the speech. When the man giving the speech began I already had a bit of a lowered opinion of him because of the image of who he was, was established before I even started listening to him.

When I finally listened to his speech my opinions changed about him. I looked at him less as another criminal and I looked at him more like another person. I can’t relate to him as an addict but I can relate to him as a person. I think that his speech was very sincere and heart-felt. Though I don’t agree with some of the things that he does, I do agree with some of the things that he feels.

After listening to these podcasts I think that I better understand what this project is all about. Before I understood generally the idea of giving a speech and having it on the internet for all to see, but it really is more than that. When people write, record and post these speeches they don’t do it because they felt like it. They did this because they have a story to tell and they want to tell it to the world and I think that this is a very good way of accomplishing that.