Listen to Mitch’s speech 

My mother always said, “What goes around, Comes around”. It took me a little while to figure out what she truly meant. When I was little, I thought she meant, stop beating up my little sister, but now I know that was only the half of it. What she was really saying was; “Do nice things for others and nice things will happen to you”.

I found that the saying, “What goes around, comes around” had a bigger and more powerful word for it, Karma. If you believe in Karma then good things will come to you. In Buddhism, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation, is the definition of Karma. To put that definition into simpler form, it’s saying; if your kind and do helpful things for another, then good and helpful things will happen to you. On the other side, if you are mean and not willing to help others, then you will not receive good things/fortunes. That doesn’t just refer to you while you’re living, but also thee after life.

I’m a firm believer in karma. That’s way no matter what the situation might be, I will be looking for a way to help someone that needs it. For example; there is an older man that I work with, he is a nice person at heart, but went through some rough points in his life, and he is still trying to recover from his past. I can tell he has a good heart, and he is always trying to be a good example to others, and give them advice. He also try’s to better himself everyday. That’s why I try to help him any way he needs it. A lot of the time I give him rides home, because he doesn’t have a car, and he lives five miles from work. Most of the time he says; “I’ll walk home, but thanks”. But I insist on giving him a ride home. And every now and then he will pay me some gas money, or we would go to play pool and hang out after a hard day of work with me.

I hope that everyone would think more about karma, and of what they could do to help someone out that deserves it. There are a lot of good hearted people in this world that need just a little bit of help to get back on their feet. Sometimes it just takes a little help and encouragement to get them out of the slump their in. And if you help them then one day if you ever need help then Karma will catch up with you, and you will receive the help you need.

“It’s Time to Help”

I understand the reasoning behind the pod casting now. It adds more heart to some of the speeches, or it adds another element to the speeches. The technology is obviously advanced to be able to record something on the internet that is being read to you while you are reading it. The sounds and the voices add much more to the speech.

I read a speech called It is time to help, by a girl from Miami, FL. I read it because it was the first one I found. The essay was so much better because you could feel the way she felt about the hungry people. What was memorable about this piece was the first time hearing and reading the essay at the same time.